5 Points On The Cts That Will Make You An Expert In Finance

  1. What Is CTS?

To begin, let’s define what CTS is. Compensation for Time of Service (CTS) is the deposit that must be made by the employer in favor of its workers for the time they have served their company.

This deposit is made twice in the year, in May and November.

  1. Why Do They Deposit The CTS?

The purpose is that we have economic support or unemployment insurance in case of losing our current jobs.

  1. Where Do They Deposit It?

You decide in which entity you want your CTS deposited. You can choose between: banks, rural savings banks, municipal savings banks or any financial institution, and if at some time you want to change entity, you can do it without any problem.

When making the decision, you must consider several factors, such as the Annual Effective Rate (TREA), which tells you the amount you earn per deposit, so you can choose the one that makes you pay more money in time; Also, take into account that many entities offer promotions and higher rates when adding your CTS account with your Salary Account of the same institution, and offer you the possibility of accessing other financial products, be it a mortgage loan, credit cards, credit, personal loans, among others.

  1. Can I Have My CTS?

As we already mentioned, the purpose of having this deposit is to have economic support before the loss of our employment. The current standard on the CTS allows having the surplus of four gross remunerations that are deposited in our account of a deposit of CTS.

  1. Who Should Receive It?

All workers who work at least 4 hours a day in a company that belongs to the labor regime of private activity.

How Are Psychic Mediums Different From Psychic Readings?

Authentic Psychics


Before you are ready to have a reading done by a psychic, it helps to know what it is you need from them. Similarly, you need to know what the psychic is capable of. Not every psychic has the same skills and they do not all read in the same way. A medium is a type of psychic, however, not all psychics are mediums.

How are Psychic Mediums different from Psychic Readings?

Perhaps you have seen or heard of some of the different forms of reading such as Tea Leaves, I-Ching, Runes and Tarot Cards. These are all physical objects used in psychic readings and the purpose is similar, to channel the necessary information and answers through them. A psychic Medium does not typically use any physical object, but rather channels their information and answers through contact with spirits. Often this means speaking with the departed. For all intents and purposes the medium is the channel where a psychic reading is done by a person using an object or objects to channel.

What Happens During A Psychic Reading?

There are many forms of psychic readings. Technically a Medium is one of these forms, but don’t let that confuse you. Most Psychic readings involve the use of the aforementioned physical channeling objects. Psychics, like everyone else, have different personalities and preferences. What works best for one psychic to connect with may not work at all for another. Cards seem to be the most common, but perhaps far more famous, because of pop culture, are things like casting bones or the use of a crystal ball.

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Typically, regardless of what sort of reading you have, it will consist of similar steps.

  1. Identify your own need. You cannot obtain a psychic reading without knowing what you need counsel for.
  2. Find a psychic reader who possesses the talent to answer your questions. If you need to do more research to discover what varieties of reading exist and what talents different psychics may employ please do so. It will only help you to get a clearer answer.
  3. Contact the reader you have chosen and ask your questions. Reaching out to a psychic may feel a little daunting at first, but keep in mind that psychics are people too. You will find that most, rather than being scary or strange, are just people who care enough to share their unique abilities with others despite the social stigma of doing so.
  4. They make contact with their source of information, be it physical object channeling or (as is the case for a Medium) otherworldly conversation. This is not something you can always see. Television may lead you to believe that some sort of wild light show or other manifestation of magic will suddenly become visible. By that logic all people who do Kung Fu should be able to hover in the air.
  5. They give you answers and guidance based on what they have learned.


What Happens When You Go To A Psychic Medium?

Let go of your preconceived notions based on anything you may have heard, read or seen in movies and stories. Mediums make contact in different ways. Some go into a trance like state and respond to your queries by allowing their spiritual companions, or your dead loved ones, to speak through them. Some turn their sight inward and ask questions more directly since spirits have more range and can travel anywhere in space-time to find answers.

Spirits who have passed on often linger near our world and if the person asking has the talent and will to seek them out, they can be surprisingly willing to provide guidance and information. It helps to think of a psychic medium as an interpreter between the living and (most often) the dead.

Final Thoughts

The biggest difference between a psychic reading and a psychic medium is the manner in which they obtain the information. Deciding which is right for you is a matter of what you need. If you are seeking guidance, counsel or help, whether it is from the living or the departed, a psychic will help you find what you are looking for and what you need.


Financial Alternatives To Investing Your Profits

In the coming days, many companies will make the distribution of profits to their workers. If you belong to this group, you want to invest your money and make it grow, but you still do not know where, here we bring you a list of the principal investment alternatives, which will help you choose the right one for you.

Invest In Mutual Funds

This is a modern and straightforward option to monetize that extra money. What you should know is that this product will let you choose between different types of funds, which will depend on your investor profile and how much volatility (financial uncertainty) and risk you are willing to assume. A lot, little or nothing? According to your answer and the level of your income, you will know what type of financial profile you have, and with it, it will be easier to determine what kind of fund suits you the most.

Remember That The Less Risk You Assume, The Lower Your Profitability Expectations.

  • Profile or aggressive Fund: this fund is made for people with a long investment horizon and who can tolerate risks; They are also known as aggressive stock funds. These are the ones that make your money pay more. It is recommended to leave it for more than five years in a financial institution to obtain the expected results.
  • Profile or moderate Fund: if you have medium-term goals, such as one or two years and you are not willing to take risks with your investment, this is your profile. Determine why you are putting together that money and calculate your growth to know how much it adds to your goal.
  • Profile or Conservative Fund: and if, on the other hand, you can not tolerate the risks, your profile is conservative. This fund grows slowly but definitely, without threats and safe.

Deposit in installments: make your money work for you

A Term Deposit is a product in which you will deliver an amount of money to the financial organization of your choice so that it remains deposited there for some time. In return, you will receive a remuneration of the interest generated on that capital.

This alternative is profitable and safe, without risking your money and with a growth previously established in a contract. The key here is to leave your deposited money as long as possible to obtain higher profits.

We advise you to ask that you pay the interest earned at the end of the term and not in monthly installments, so you save and you will know the total interest generated without risks to fall into the temptation to spend it!

Pay Your Debts

If you have one or more obligations, take advantage of that extra money to pay them. Remember that not always the highest amount is the first that you must cancel, the most advisable thing is to pay the one that lags the most because they have the highest interest rates. Any advance payment of your debts will allow you to make better financial plans in the future.…

Financial Tips To Buy Dad’s Gift … Without Getting Into Debt

Father’s Day is advancing and with it the excitement of giving something spectacular to surprise Dad. If you are planning about what to buy, a proper organization of your finances is recommended so that the cost of the gift does not affect your savings.

If you still have not ready the gift for dad, grandfather or father-in-law, we tell you some tips to keep in mind to surprise them and at the same time, not complicate your economy.

Define a budget to spend only as needed

One of the concerns on dates like this is not having saved in advance to buy a gift. Therefore, the advisable thing is that within the monthly budget a percentage is separated for this type of occasions.

By projecting your monthly expenses, you can be aware of the amount you can allocate for a gift within your financial possibilities.

If you consider that the amount is not enough, you can spread the cost of the gift with someone else. For example, a great gift can be made between all the children or grandchildren. It is not necessary that you carry all the expense by yourself.

Make A List With Possible Gifts.

Already taking into account your spending limits, you can make a list with possible options. In this sense, it is ideal to identify key factors to choose a good gift, such as functionality and emotional footprint that will leave in dad.

It is also suggested to choose something that you would like to receive as a gift; this will help you evaluate possible options.

With a list, you can avoid falling into the mistake of buying on impulse, which leads to unnecessary expenses and even a gift that does not surprise Dad.

Planning brings benefits

Choosing a gift or particular plan for Father’s Day in advance allows us to set a clear saving goal and, at the same time, a limit figure to invest.

If you already have a gift in mind, check if there are special promotions or special offers in commercial establishments. The more suggestions, the more opportunities you have to compare prices and choose an option that suits your budget.

On the other hand, check if you want to buy what you can buy online. Sometimes it’s cheaper, and you can find even better deals than in physical stores. This will save you time and money.

Remember that it is also valid to ask dad what he would like to receive as a gift, so get him with your gift for this day.